Tempe Pledge for a Sustainable Community

What you can do

What Level Are You At?

Use the brief descriptions below to gain a sense of where you are as an organization in terms of sustainability in your workplace. Use these levels as a guide when exploring tips in the “What You Can Do” section, and when selecting your Pledge action items.

Beginner (The Basics)

Congratulations! You are new to sustainability but want to take first steps. Committing to small actions such as turning off lights and powering down computers at night add up to having significant impacts! Find out more.

Intermediate (Going Deeper)

You’ve committed to the basics and now you’re ready to take on more. Here’s where your actions are bigger and lead to more impactful outcomes – like a policy to only purchase recycled paper. Find out more.

Advanced (Transforming Your Organization)

You are committed to sustainability in your organization both up and downstream. It’s embedded in your culture and your business management, and at this point you’re doing things like measuring, reducing your carbon footprint, and publishing a sustainability report. Find out more.

What you can do