Tempe Pledge for a Sustainable Community

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Supporting the initiative sponsored by the Tempe Chamber of Commerce

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied areas
  • Take advantage of natural lighting
  • Replace incandescent lamps with ENERGY STAR® rated CFLs or LEDs
  • Replace T-12 fluorescent lamps with high-efficiency T-8, T-5 or LED lamps.
  • Use partial lighting before and after public hours
  • Use only necessary safety and security lighting
  • Reduce cooling and heating in unused areas
  • Install occupancy sensors
  • Install smart or programmable thermostats
  • Add reflective solar films to windows
  • Adjust temperature settings and schedules to avoid unnecessary cooling or heating
  • Repair doors and windows that don’t close or seal properly
  • Close window treatments during summer months
  • Remove excess office equipment and use smart power strips to manage equipment use
  • Reduce hot water temperature settings and use

Prizm Wealth Management